Payment Policies

Gracie's Kids Payment Policy:


  • A family enrolling a child (or children) will be required to pay a one-time $50 enrollment fee before admission into the Gracie’s Kids Early Learning Center.
  • An annual activity fee of $15 per child will be collected at the beginning of a school year or when first enrolled to cover special activity costs throughout the year.


  •  If more than one child is enrolled from a family, a 10% tuition discount will be applied to the additional older child (or children).
  • A nominal curriculum fee for the purchase of workbooks and class material may apply up to twice a year based on the class your child is enrolled in.
  • Gracie’s tuition payments are required to be paid each week in full for the upcoming week before your child will be allowed to attend.


  • Initial enrollment payments are required upfront before your child will be allowed to attend:
  • Weekly tuition payments dropped off at the center require the parent to place the payment in the envelopes provided. Envelopes must be signed, dated and noted as cash or check.
  • Payment may also be made online at the Gracie's Kids website utilizing PayPal.
  • Tuition payments for the upcoming week may be paid at the center by 9am on Friday
    • A $15 late fee will be added to the weekly tuition if not paid by 9am on Friday.
    • Re-admission to the center for children where tuition has become delinquent (not paid by 9am Friday) may be delayed up to 7-days due to available staffing coverage that was scheduled.
    • Returned checks will be subject to a $25 fee.
    • Any tuition payment made on behalf of a child (or children) that is later reimbursed on a future date by Department of Human Services (DHS) will be credited to your account when payment from DHS is received.
  • If your child is not enrolled with a fixed weekly schedule, your child's care schedule is due by 9am Friday for the upcoming week. Should a schedule not be provided by 9am Friday, we will assume your child will not be attending the following week. Failure to turn in your child’s schedule for a week where you do require child-care may create a situation where your child may not be able to attend on all requested days due to available staffing coverage.
  • You are responsible for tuition on days your child is scheduled to be at Gracie’s even should your child not attend.
  • As noted in the Gracie’s handbook under “Snow Policy” and the “Attendance Policy” days Gracie’s Kids is closed due to holidays or days the Port Huron Area Schools are closed because of heavy snowfall are not made up. No refunds will be given and tuition is charged for that day as usual. You can check on school closings on local radio stations or that morning by 6:00 am at our website ‘’.
  • Picking your child up late without making prior arrangements will be subject to a $5.00 charge for every 15 minutes or portion thereof until the child is picked up. Please be courteous to the staff and call if you are running late.  This fee will be added onto your bill the next day and must be paid immediately.  If you are habitually late, your child’s enrollment may be cancelled.  Please over schedule if needed.